Welcome aboard “SY Zeezwaluw”

From 2002 the Dutch Sailing Yacht “Zeezwaluw” took Ineke and Riens Elswijk to many remarkable countries and countless wonderful people.

Follow them in “the Zeezwaluw Post” and “Travel letters” or share their experience with anchorages or ports from St Petersburg to Haifa and from Holland to the Azores & Madeira Archipelago & the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Very new are South America (Suriname) and Caribbean (Grenada).

You will also find information about these sailors, their galley secrets and “SY Zeezwaluw”.

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Zeezwaluw Post, latest news      Travel letters 2010 – 2017



Travel letters 2002-2004

49 Gulkrona (F), steenkunstApril 2002 we moved from a house to Zeezwaluw and started our live aboard life. Due to the fact we sailed the first year north to the Baltic Sea we met few live aboard, only weekend sailors or holiday people so for travel letters was no need to.

But once sailing south we met live aboard of many nationalities and from the start there was a bond between likeminded people. There for only from 2004 we started writing travel letters on a regular basis. But we had a great time in the Baltic Sea and want to share those experiences with you. These travel letters are written in hindsight so to speak but we hope you will enjoy them.

For the next travel letters go to: Travel letters 2004-2010.



Mediteranean Eastbound Travels

054 CapoliveriFrom 2004 to 2008 we traveled with Zeezwaluw eastwards through the Mediterranean Sea. We were hopping along Spain, Italy and Greece and their islands further on to Turkey and Israel at the end. At the start we thought spending 2 year at the most in the Med. Well, it turned out to be so amazing due to the country’s history; we spent 6 years in the Med before we managed in 2010 to untie ourselves. We hope you will enjoy the travel letters with our adventures.



049 Akko,At the end of August 2008 we reached Haifa in Israel. We stayed a month in this town and saw a lot of the northern part of Israel due to our sailing friends who live there. End of September we sailed to Ashkelon to winter. It is the most southern marina in Israel and near the Gaza Strip. We enjoyed our stay very much due to the friendly people, many historic sites and of course the weather. Our stay was cut short due to the Gaza problems early 2009 as you can read in the last travel letter of Israel. We hope you have fun reading our adventures and enjoy the many pictures.



Mediterranean westbound travels

27 Sardinie, Castelsardo

From our departure from Israel we have been travelling westwards out of the Mediterranean. Not as quick as we thought we would but we had a great time in visiting new and old places again. So, travel with us out of the Med to new horizons.


Travel letters 2004-2010

12 Venetiaans kasteel VonitsaBetween 2004 & 2010 Zeezwaluw and her crew roamed the Mediterranean. We hopped along Spain & her Balearic Islands, Mainland Italy & all her islands, Mainland Greece and most of her small and large islands, Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Israel at the far end. We separated the travel letters in 3 parts:

  1. “Mediterranean Eastbound Travels
  2.   Israel
  3. “Mediterranean Westbound Travels”

This part of the travel letters is still under construction but the first few are ready for you! Have fun reading the letters.


The Zeezwaluw Posts 2009

68 Spina Longa baai, Elunda bridgeIn 2009 we lost 10 editions of the Zeezwaluw Posts we wrote. The got lost in hyperspace and never be found again. Luckily we have the 11- available in Pdf files for you. It started as short info bulletins for a quick message about our whereabouts. Later on they grew and had more pictures as well. So have fun with the Posts from the first year.

The Zeezwaluw Posts 2010

13f Porto Santo, project muurschilderingIn 2010 we made a nice trip from our winter berth in Cagliari, Sardinia to the Azores Archipeago and back to Portugal. Not all went without a hitch as you can read in the Post. Nevertheless we had a great time sailing at the Atlantic Ocean again. Such long sailing trips, we almost forgot how it was! Have fun with our adventures at the high seas.

The Zeezwaluw Posts 2011

043 Terceira, mooi kerkjeIn 2011 we travelled many nautical miles. From Portugal to the Azores Archipelago. A 4-week haul out there where after we sailed back to Lisbon. We hopped along unspoiled bays at the west coast all the way south to the Algarve. Had great times with friend and in a perfect weather window we sailed to the Canary Islands and wintered in Las Palmas Marina at Gran Canaria. You can read all our adventures in the Zeezwaluw Posts, have fun!


Zeezwaluw Post 2012

010h Faial, Horta, Muurschildering projectThe sailing season of 2012 was interesting, it taught us many things. One of them was patience due to unusual weather circumstances like a hurricane. We were in her path, not once but twice! The other thing was, we do not like beating the wind and waves anymore especially when there is another solution. This visit to the Azores was really great; we saw 5 islands and enjoyed it very much. In the Zeezwaluw Posts of this year are impressions of most of those islands. The rest of our adventures you have read in the 2 Travel letters of 2012. Enjoy the Azores Archipellago as we did.

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