Europe and Turkey

The anchoring and marina information about Europe developed along the way after we started travelling with SY Zeezwaluw (L 46ft, dr 7ft).

The information is divided into countries to make it manageable. Some countries have more than one PDF file otherwise the file would be too bulky. The year we started the info is 2004 going eastward into the Mediterranean, all the way to Israel. In 2008 we sailed westward again encountering new places and revisited old ones. The files have been updated along the way out of the Med. In the years 2010-2015 we have visited the Atlantic coast of Portugal and the Atlantic Islands. The Atlantic islands, Canaries (S) and Azores (P) have their own tab underneath the countries they belong to. Some of the early visited places are a long time ago, so there might have been changes we are not aware of.

We wish you happy times as we had in the places we visited.