Fun with fellow sailors

Zeezwaluw Post number 6

No news from the Zeezwaluw crew the last few weeks because they were busy. Busy, cannot be you will think for they are not working (for a company) and are spending time on a holiday island! But the columnist kept in contact so he knew they were working hard. 01_Studi_ying

They were studying the material about the new to visit countries, downloading and printing the stuff for easy cockpit-reading. However, a bit of fun and enjoying leisure time with fellow sailors at the anchorage is a must too.

And they did. On a sunny afternoon someone out of the Dutch sailor’s mooring community (15 boats!) upped a BBQ should be held at the little beach near the Budget pontoon. The beach is next to this tiny pontoon but as luck would have it, the promenade along the waterfront is just the right height to use it as a “counter top” or side-table. The lee of the quay wall is a perfect spot to set-up the BBQ’s. This time the BBQ-happening is only meant for Dutch sailors. It will be held at 4 o’clock coming Friday. That’s in 2 days’ time!

Hence, the Zeezwaluw crew went into overdrive to buy fresh veggies, meat, BBQ coals and turn them into a delicious BBQ meal. The BBQ the crew own is an old fashioned one, as you assume by reading they needed coal for burning. But, at least it’s large enough to use by more than 2 persons, so that perfect. The other sailors were using gas BBQ’s. At 4p.m. all participants were parking their dinghies at the very little pontoon to unload the food and drink. Once the BBQ were lit and the corks came out of the bottle (to be honest they had screwed-on caps) the party started. Chatting and eating together makes great friends as you all know.

Before the Zeezwaluw crew knew, the sun was setting behind Little Bonaire across the water. Even the people walking along the promenade, were smiling as they passed the party site.

The street lights came on so the beach and quay side were not in the dark when the stars twinkled at the sky. But after everyone was done, it’s time to break-up, clear/clean the beach and drive the dinghies back to the motherships. The Zeezwaluw crew’ BBQ, was still piping hot, so it had to be douched with seawater, before they were packing their belongings. Well, it was a great black mess to be taken back to the Zeezwaluw. A plastic bag was wrapped around it just before they went back to Zeezwaluw. It was a very, very enjoyable BBQ with fellow sailors. But … time, all Nationalities should be invited, not only the Dutch.

The next outing was already booked too. Together with Tineke and Henk of Catamaran Zanzibar the Zeezwaluw crew will visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park by car. The planned one-day-visit became two days as there was so much to see in this wonderful Park. It is too much to describe the outing here. So the crew will write a “special” travel letter about Washington Slagbaai National Park. But we will give you one panoramic picture so you know what will come.08_WSNPSo stay tuned for this travel letter full of wonderful pictures, which will be online next week.


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