Travel letters 2016 and beyond


Mid-January 2016 we sailed from the Canary Islands across the Atlantic Ocean to “the other side of this Pond”, where our sailing explorations brought us to different continents. We still have to explore many new countries beyond the ever far away horizon, so to speak.

Therefore we decided to split-up the travel letters into continents as of 2016. The Continents have a sub tab for countries. But the Caribbean Sea does not belong to a specific continent or country, so it gets an own tab using the common known areas.

This means all the travel letters of the other side of the pond, got their own place underneath a sub-tab under the “Travel letters 2016 and beyond”, umbrella. We assume this will make the search to and location of each travel letter easier. You find the direct link to our “Atlantic Crossing” travel letter underneath.

All travel letters are in Pdf file format for easy downloading and reading. We wish you lots of fun, reading our adventures.

Travel letter 2016 –The Atlantic crossing to Surinam

  1. South America
  2. Windward & Leeward Islands
  3. ABC – Islands