Travel letters

From the start of our cruising life as live-aboards in 2002, we wrote travel letters. First we wrote for family and friends and send them mostly by regular mail. Internet and email was still a very new exotic and expensive gadget to have while sailing on a budget. Smartphones we have nowadays were not even invented. But nevertheless we had a very smart one for those days. So we were able to receive email in plain text. In 2003 a friend was willing to post our travel letters on her special site for “long distance sailors”. But those were written in Dutch of course.04 Rotterdam, winter

In 2009 we build our own website ( while hibernating in Israel and started the English one first. We loved the challenge of writing in English, although it will have misspelling or might need some upgrade. It is entertaining to write too, because you are re-living again, the experiences of exploring the visited areas. Slowly the website became more than travel letters. The Zeezwaluw Post as “Latest News” was added on a regular basis. Also “Links” and most important the “Anchoring and marina information” were added to the site. Whenever needed we update these with the latest information we had. The now incorporated  Zeezwaluw’ galley secrets had a separate website though.

Early January 2017 we received an email from the provider of the website. He gave a 2,5 month notice of taking all sites off the internet. After March 30 our websites are not accessible anymore. So we accelerated into warp speed to build a new website again. Since copy & past was not possible in our situation it had to be a completely new one.

All the travel letters from the start in 2002 to 2016 of the old website were transferred using mostly Pdf-files and added more pictures as well. In the end it’s easier to read off-line or copy. You will find the following tabs;

Newest Travel letter: Bonaire, Washington Slagbaai National Park