Travel letters 2010 – 2016

020b relaxed onderweg

2010 we finally managed to get out of the Med and sailed to the Madeira Archipelago and to the Azores and back to Portugal. In 2010-2011 we wintered at anchor in Portimão and sailed to the Azores and back before we sailed to the Canary Islands.

In the summer of 2012 we sailed to the Azores Archipel and back to Las Palmas. During 2013 we stayed put in Las Palmas marina for a major refit. It was fun to do and we gained a lot of new gatgets.

In 2014 we sailed from Las Palmas to the south coast of Portugal after a refit in the Canaries. Followed in Portugal by an extended haulout in Faro, Algarve. Before that we had a great time at the anchorages in southern Portugal.

In 2015 we sailed a lot. From the splash in Faro end of March back to Las Palmas. Lateron we sailed around the Canary Islands and back to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. To be honest, we did not write many travell letters that year, just one, but instead we wrote many Zeezwaluw Posts with news.

In 2016 we also travelled many nautical miles. We left mid-January our “adopted second home” Las Palmas and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean directly to Surinam, at the South American Continent. It was a crossing with some bumps in the road as you will read in the travel letter, but nothing extreme.

After we spend almost 3 month in the beautiful country Surinam we sailed to the island of Grenada W.I. in the Caribbean Waters. During hurricane season we stayed at anchor in Woburn Bay in Grenada. It is a beautiful bay at the south coast and is protected by a large reef. So it’s very save as well.

The next part is 2017 and forward

Read our adventures in the Travel letters tit 2016 in Pdf files below