Windward Islands

Windward Islands (Caribbean Waters)

“A Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” by Chris Doyle is a necessity to sail in the Caribbean Waters. He has an own website with lots of useful information. You can buy a paper version of the pilot at all islands in every chandler or download a free copy of “A Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles 2.0, vol. III, The Windward Islands”, by Frank Firgintino The Caribebean Compass/ The Caribbean Compass) a monthly free sailing magazine gives a lot of info about the whole area too. You can pick up one at several shops and marinas at the islands or download it.

Most cruisers anchored or docked in Grenada monitor Ch-68 during the day for routine non-emergency calls. Some monitor Ch-68 overnight for emergency, medical, security and vessel dragging situations. If you have a question, its best asked on Ch-68. The daily cruiser net is at Ch-66i. In the information underneath are only highlighting the anchorages/moorings/marinas we have been with our boat “SY Zeezwaluw” (46ft, draft 7ft) since early 2016.

Vlag Grenada 1Grenada (Link for Pdf file)

Grenada is the most southern island of the Windward Islands. It’s a very green and lush island and many sailors choose to stay there during hurricane season, at anchor or at a mooring, in a marina or on the hard. We stayed at own anchor the whole summer of 2016. When the first visa period expires after 3 months, you have to renew it until you leave, every 3 months at the Main Immigration office in Saint George it is located in the Botanical Garden. The cruising permit can be obtained at every Custom office. The officials are friendly and efficient.

Prickly Bay anchorage, 11°59’.99 N 61°45’.84 W, at the south-side

Prickly bay is a very large bay. It is convenient to check-in or out of the country because Customs and Immigration are next to the (small) Prickly Bay Marina and opposite the dinghy dock. You can anchor for free or take one of the many mooring balls from the marina or other available renters.

There are 2 dinghy docks; one is at the Prickly Bay marina and one at the Spice Island Yard near Budget Marine. The last one is convenient to take a bus into town or for shopping. Bus nr 1 (with a bus stop near the first roundabout on the way to town) runs all the way up to St. George. At the 6 days a week cruisers net at VHF channel 66 they will announce the schedule and pick-up times for the shopping busses.

Laundry is possible at the marina (no D.I.Y) and expensive. At Spice Island Yard are 2 washing machines and 2 dryers operating on tokens, buy tokens at the security box at the entrance of the yard. Drinking water, diesel and gasoline is available at the marina dock. Garbage disposal is (not always for free) in the bin at the marina or at the Spice Island Yard.

Tiki bar at marina is the place of many social events. Restaurant is good. Free Wi-Fi at Tiki bar, with laptop or other devices. There is also Cruisers Wi-Fi at anchor, 40US$/month, slow but workable. Have a look at the internet for how to get it and how to pay. Sometimes it’s rolly in the bay, especially with S-winds.

IGA supermarket at Spice land Mall (10 min bus ride) has a good product selection. When you take your boat papers with you, you can get a 5% discount card or a frequent shopper card. At Plaza mall is a fresh bakery & veggie shop. Foodland supermarkets are in St George and opposite the Port Louis Marina.

True Blue Bay mooring, 11°59’.82 N 41°46’.13 W, at the south-side

True Blue Bay is just West of Prickly Bay. We took a mooring buoy from the Horizon Charter Company, for approx. 70 US$/week. It is possible and allowed to drop your own anchor near the entrance of the bay or somewhere near the mooring balls, if there are no charter boats on them. The little cove at your port side just after entering the bay is also a good spot to anchor but for one boat only.

Dinghy dock with water (payable to Horizon Charter Company) is available. Use a little stern anchor for the dinghy when you leave it at the dock otherwise its bumping against the rough dock due to incoming swell. Near the dinghy dock is a little diving shop, and bins for garbage disposal (free), a swimming pool and showers. No washing machines. Restaurant is perfect with lots of special food events and happy hour rum punches.

Free Wi-Fi from the restaurant. Every day a different login, this is written down at a notice board in the restaurant. Staff of the restaurant is helpful and friendly.

There is a little supermarket with the basic daily products as bread and so on and a pharmacy along the road from True Blue Bay to Spice Island Yard. The bus (nr 1) stop to Saint George is the same as the one from Prickly Bay, so a long walk.

Woburn Bay anchorage, 12°0.51’ N 61°44’.16 W & 12°0.43’ N 61°44’.25 W, south-side

The entrance to Woburn Bay or Clarks Court Bay is 6 Nm east of Prickly Bay. The entrance is well buoyed and lit and easy to follow even at night. There are 2 shallow parts in the bay; one is well marked by poles (no lights) near the Calviney cut. The second one is not marked with buoys or poles but it is marked on the digital charts. The shallow part is in the middle of the path to Clarks Court Marina and Boat yard just South East of Whisper Cove Marina and north of the Hog Island cut.

The bay is very sheltered due to the reef in front of the bay. Even with SE or S winds hardly any swell enters the bay, only the long fetch might give some little waves,

We have been anchored here for nearly 3 months during Hurricane season and liked this bay very much. There are many possibilities to go by dinghy to the other bays and to Hog Island for a swim or BBQ on the beach. 2 marinas (full in hurricane season), 1 yard, a few restaurants, repair shop, a little supermarket, and the famous Nimrods Rum shop at the Woburn dock. Woburn’ concrete dock is the perfect place to park the dinghy (lock it) and go to Saint George with bus number 2. The bus stop is in front of Nimrods. Hop on the bus from whatever side he comes, bus stop is in a loop. The other possibility is, leave the dinghy at Whisper Cove Marina and join the weekly shopping bus to town.

Drinking water is at Whisper Cove (not for free) and garbage disposal (3 EC$ small bag and 5EC$ for a large bag), fresh bread and banquettes at the restaurant and good meals. There is a D.I.Y. laundry facility; 2 large washing machines (12EC$ a load) and 1 dryer (20EC$ a load). You get a 1 hour free Wi-Fi ticket at the restaurant when you order food or wait for the laundry. At anchor in the bay it is possible to receive Cruisers Wi-Fi (the same as in Prickly Bay and you have to pay for it D/W/M) on the boat. This worked fine for us.

Clarkes Court Boat Yard & Marina is up and running. The marina has many spots to moor with water & electricity at every berth. It has also a dingy dock at the last pontoon in front of the restaurant. Toilet and shower facilities, washing & drying machines (run on tokens from the office). Free Wi-Fi when on the hard. The restaurant sells banquettes every day and whole wheat loafs only when ordered a day in advance and also free WiFi. Shopping busses are twice a week. Hard standing is excellent, water and electricity (220V and 110V available) hook-up spots over the area, there are many workshops at the yard and North Yard Shop chandlery.

Diesel and gasoline only available in Secret Harbour marina in Mount Hartman Bay and can easily be reached by dinghy. Book swab and butcher shop at Whisper Cove marina & at Clarkes Court Boatyard and Marina.

Flamingo Bay, 12°05.529’ N 61°45.415’ W, west-side
This lovely Bay is part of the Marine Park at the west coast of Grenada. It is not allowed to anchor; you have to take a mooring buoy. These buoys are not for free according the pilot book and official park rangers will collect the fees in return for a ticket. There is a nice clean beach where locals swim and little fishing boats are kept. We have been moored there for 5 days and never saw an official to collect the money. The water is crystal clear and it’s great snorkeling along the edges of the bay. We never went ashore so do not know what to find there.
Carriacou, Tyrell Bay 12°27.412’ N 61°29.429’ W
Tyrell Bay is a hugh bay at Carriacou Island. To enter safely is not an issue; only take care of the sunken boat (2016) which is marked by 2 (dark) hazard buoys in the middle of the bay. Holding in sand is excellent. Customs and Immigration is at the little Yacht Club and hard standing, follow the signs. A chandler and supermarket can be found there as well. Garbage disposal (for a fee) is at the parking lot of the YC. Fuel and water can be obtained at the dock in front of the YC. After checking out of Grenada, you can buy Diesel and fuel duty free at the dock. There are several little pontoons between the YC and the new Yard and commercial quay to leave the dinghy or pull it above the flood line on the beach. Along the road are several shops for groceries and fruits & veggies. Bus number 10 runs to Hillsborough, costs EC$3,=/pp.