Vlag SurinameYou enter Suriname by sailing up the Suriname River. The Suriname River is a tidal river and has many opportunities to anchor, take a mooring or go to the marina a few Nm beyond Domburg. But you have to be aware of the strong current (3-5kn) as well as probable misreading of the depth sounder due to the dense sediment in the mud coloured river. But its depth is no less as 8m in the marked channel due to commercial ships sailing upriver. The Commewijne River can be sailed as well with up to date local information and charts. For mare and up to date information about Suriname see “Cruisers Wiki” .The official language is Dutch but most people speak English too.

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Ornamibo, Sailing Club Suriname (SCS), 5°44’.3 N 55°07’.1 W

On invitation of sailing friends we moored at their club SCS in Ornamibo, after arrival in Suriname. It is not a public mooring place, but a home port of their members. Mooring is in-between 2 sturdy free standing poles. No pontoons, only a wobbly floating device where you tie your dinghy to go ashore. Facilities: none at all. Bus stop is along the road in front of the SCS. No shops nearby. To get somewhere you need a bicycle or car. But it’s a nice and quiet place.

Due to the lack of basic facilities at SCS and being in the middle of nowhere, we moved a few miles further upriver to Domburg

Marina River Breeze Domburg, 5°42’.34 N 55°05’.2 W

River Breeze Harbour resort Domburg has approximately 10 mooring buoys, but you are allowed to drop your own anchor as well. Due to the strong current arriving at slack tide is advised. So we contacted them about our time of arrival and asked for mooring assistance. The manager was waiting for us at the buoy and within 10 minutes we were save and sound tied to the mooring buoy.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Mooring buoy fee is €8,75,-/day (2016) and includes the use of all the facilities. At own anchor you pay a daily fee for free use of the dinghy dock and facilities at River Breeze Marina.

The Marina has all the basic facilities you need and some more. There is a water tap (drinking water is for free) at the floating dinghy dock, free Wi-Fi, showers, toilets, swimming pool, a washing machine (€2,50/load) and free garbage disposal. The restaurant serves delicious food and cold drinks. There is a book swap too and many leaflets for inland tours.

When you register after arrival the manager will inform you about the services they can provide for you. Like help with and transportation to Paramaribo for customs and immigration clearance, cheap rental cars, where to get a refill of your gas bottles or to go for repairs, if needed.

3 little Chinese supermarkets for daily provisioning in walking distance, a daily fresh veggie and fruit market at the square just outside River Breeze. Bus stop for visiting the interesting capital Paramaribo is along the road next to River Breeze. There are many hugh supermarkets in Paramaribo to stock up before leaving the country.