Vlag GriekenlandDuring the years 2006-2009 we hopped along many islands and the mainland of Greece with “SY Zeezwaluw” (L 46ft Dr 7feet). We think we mght have seen every island and investigated all the stone heaps on that island in our explorations with various means of transportation. Also the Minoan, Greek and Ottoman archeological sites and museum’ were visited excitedly. The Greek mythology came almost alive for us; it iwas and will be for centuries to come a great tour through history.

The marina and anchoring information is divided in 6 PDF files to make it manageable. The names for the areas are the same as mentioned in the “Greek Waters Pilot” written by Heikel. It is possible there has been changed a lot since then, due to the hugh refugees problem, Greece has to cope with at the moment. Also their economic situation is difficult and the marinas may be a little more run down, but the positive site is, most of them are free of harbour dues!

Nevertheless we hope you have a splendid time cruising the Greek islands and mainland, enjoy the friendly Greek people, their culture and history.

  1. Mainland west-coast and Ionian Islands
  2. Mainland, West Coast to Kithera Island and Gulf of Patras and Gulf of Corinth
  3. Dodecanese
  4. East coast Northern Cyclades
  5. Northern and Eastern Sporades Islands
  6. Crete