Vlag Italie 2Italy has an extended sailing area due to it’s large and small island groups. We needed 2 summer seasons, 2004-2006 to see what we had planned to see with “SY Zeezwaluw” (L 46ft Dr 7ft). Also the 2 wintering seasons in Fiumicino were great and gave us the change to visit Rome frequently ( 1-2 days a week). On our trip leaving the Mediterranean Sea in 2009-2010, we came across new anchorages and stayed at our favourite’ a last time. And again, we wintered in “La bella Italia”. This time we choose Cagliari at the south coast of Sardinia. The gathered information has been fully updated in 2010.

Due to the fact this information has become quite an extended file; we divided it in 3 PDF files to keep it manageable. Downloading and off-line reading is there for easy. In the files the places with a * marked, were visited by ourselves and without the marking by friends who gave us the information. We wish you great times at sea and on land in beautiful Italy.

Note: To sail in Italy, the “Italian Waters Pilot” written by Heikel is an essential book. Important to know is the fact that the “little black boats” in his sketches of harbours and marinas are free spots, if there is space. Often locals are moored there but we used very often these spots, although it was crowded sometimes.

  1. Mainland & the islands Elba,Ponza & Isola Ischia
  2. Sardinia
  3. Sicily