Anchoring and marina information

The anchoring and marina information developed along the way after we started travelling with SY Zeezwaluw (L 46ft, dr 7ft). This information gathering started because cruisers of many nationalities asked for our experiences in places we had been. Therefor we started to collect the data and wrote it down, not in Dutch but English the common language of cruisers. We always wrote down the coordinates of marinas and bays so that was easy. We also added things like, supermarkets, fresh fruit and veggie places. Potable water available internet cafes (now Wi-fi) and so on. The gathered information started in 2003 and is ongoing, but some of the early visited places are a long time ago, so there might have been changes we are not aware of.

The specific information is divided in regions and thereafter by country as you can see below. Use the tab of the region you like to visite at the topside of this page or use the direct links below;

Europe’s countries have their own tab due to the fact it’s a large area and the region has lots of places to go. So we wish you all happy times as we had in the places we visited.